The Political Career of Lawrence Lessig

The Political Career of Lawrence Lessig

The Political Career of Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig, an American and a successful professor at the Harvard is a critic of law and politics. His ideologies and theories were very liberal and paved for new thinking. He actively participated in the political and legal affairs of states was is known for his brilliance than for the ideologies that he had. After holding various positions in the Harvard and Stanford universities he wanted to try his luck in political, during the early stages of his venture it was believed that he could be very much successful due to the law and political affiliations that he had.

Lawrence Lessig

He also believed that his experience in philosophy at the Cambridge radically changed his views and made him better at his thinking with respect to both politics and Law. He wanted to strongly put those ideologies in practice and thought that politics would be the right way to do it and pursued the Republican Political career.


The idea of Killswitch is also an imperative part of his political life and career. Killswitch is a film that released in the year 2014, featuring Lessig in the lead. The film also features Aaron Swarts his dear student, Tim Wu, and Edward Snowden. The film was premiered ate the Woodstock Film Festival . It won the award for best editing. The film dealt with the strong impact of the internet in the society and also the bond between Lessig and Aaron. It also describes how Aaron motivated Lessig to involve himself in Political Activism which at a later point led to the campaign finance reform.

The US Presidential Election:

After stabilizing himself as an academician and a law expert he announced his decision to run for the presidential elections favoring the Democratic Party in August 2015. But he also stated that the possibilities of doing so are strong only is exploratory committee $1 billion by the Labour day. Having accomplished this task he stepped into the presidential race on September 6, 2016. As an expert in law, he always wondered how sound and acceptable his political theories would be. So he often called his candidacy a poll that stated the victory of his campaign finance reform and electoral reform legislation. He also promised to serve as a full-time president, if elected and put all his accepted legislative and political theories to practice. However, he stopped his campaigning in November 2015 after the US political environment took a different turn.