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THC Detox Kit for Marijuana Hair Drug Tests – Hairs and Follicles

False Positives

You’re doing all you can to remove the THC, so don’t accidentally trigger a false positive by ingesting substances that are actually known for being detected by these tests as proof marijuana use. Buying weed detox kits will give you peace of mind. 

The Day of the Test

You’ve done all you could, and now it’s time to take the test. Make sure you pee because this first output of the day will have the most concentration of THC and you want to get rid of it. How does your urine look? If it’s too diluted, take a B12 supplement to give it some color. Avoid exercise to keep yourself hydrated. Finally, make sure you take your sample midstream–meaning begin to pee and wait for a little while, and then grab the sample in the middle of the stream. This is because the first output and the last output are more likely to have toxins and a higher concentration of THC.

As you can see, there are a huge number of methods for cleaning out your system. The more of them you try, and the longer time period you have, the higher your chances of success. If you’re going to take this seriously, the key is to abstain completely, clean up your diet, exercise, and take advantage of as many detoxifying substances as possible.

Eat a Fiber-Rich Diet

Another measure to help rid your body of the THC is to eat a diet that’s very rich in fiber. The point is to cleanse your body, and fiber helps “move things along” as far as your colon is concerned, which definitely has an effect on removing traces of the drug. Eating beans, whole grains, and raw vegetables will help this process. You can also buy psyllium husk, which is a fiber-rich supplement that can be found and health food stores and mixed in a smoothie. Again, you need time for this method to work, but can be helpful along with your other cleansing activities.

Drink Tea

Along the same lines of the other methods, you want to give your body as many antioxidants as possible to help it flush out the THC and drinking tea can help with this. Drink plenty of any good-quality tea, and it can be helpful, along with everything else you’re doing.


Are you serious about passing this test? Then you need to get in some exercise and help your body clean itself out by working up a sweat. Any cardiovascular routine that gets your heart rate pumping will be helpful. Your goal is sweating out the toxins, including the THC, and you can do it with jogging, biking, and even swimming. You should do as much exercise as you can handle in the weeks and days leading up to the test–but on the day of the test itself, you should actually avoid exercise so that you can stay well hydrated and produced watered down pee that has a lower concentration of THC.

Get Yourself into a Sauna

You’re already exercising and drinking as many fluids as you can stand, right? Help the process along by getting a sauna for 30 minutes to an hour, and do this multiple times if you have the chance in the weeks before the test. The heat will produce intense sweating and help purge out the THC. This is far from a fool-proof method, but it’s a good supplement to add to your toolbox.


To help the detox process along, you can use products like Midol which are diuretics — they make you pee a great deal. While this can help you flush out the THC, you have to be careful of the dangers of diuretics. such as of depleting your body of natural compounds. If you’re going this route, along with drinking plenty of water, make sure you add some mineral supplements to help make up for the artificial deficits caused by these substances.

Summer is Fun but Sleep Right on Time For Drug Tests

When summer vacations approach it can be an extremely fun time for the kids, but it could become difficult for the parents especially if both are working in the office hours. During school days kids are usually busy in the school so parents could manage but when summers approach they have to make arrangements for the kids. It is important to spend the summers wisely. There could be different activities for the kids, which can keep them engaged like joining the swimming classes, joining the arts and crafts, taking some courses, which can increase the knowledge of the kids. However, it is extremely important to let the kids sleep on time during the summer vacation. No matter how much they want to be awake, keeping a routine for the kids would help both the kids and the parents as well. Always remember to sleep at the right time even during the summer vacation.

Indoor Games can be Fun but be Boring at Night

Summer is fun but when winters approach and it is time for winter vacation there are limited options because of extreme weather conditions, especially if someone is living in an area, which is full of snow during the winter. However, when the bedtime is approaching stop playing the games in fact, make it a little boring on intention otherwise they would be interested in the games and would not want to sleep at the right time. Let the kid be very clear on the idea that a certain time is for sleeping and no matter what they should sleep on time, which is important for their own health.

Limit Television

Nowadays, television is becoming quite a culprit. There are numerous videos, which are available on YouTube for kids and they are extremely fond of them. In fact, a lot of people are making money on the internet by making these kids videos. Remember kids are the future of this generation and they should be wise and practical. Limiting television time might also help them to sleep better as it is very important to switch off the television screen right before bedtime.…

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