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The president is someone who sets the rules for how drugs are consumed. We don’t wan to mess with the laws that protect us from people who are going crazy by consuming cannabis. It’s an incredibly scary time if you are taking substance that can alter your brain chemistry. Re-boot your brain into your new awareness of love. It might take a while, but it’s worth getting your senses back in place.

Limit Screen time

The next culprit after the television screen is the modern devices, which are handy and kids play different games on the devices for extended hours. Some kids would simply grab the smartphone of their mothers and amazing is how they already know to operate these devices. It is wise to limit the screen time and if possible do not expose the toddlers and babies to the screen time at all. Nowadays, one can see on social media there are different articles, which indicate how screen time is affecting the speech of the little kids. Kids should speak at the right age and for that, it is important that parents should spend time with the kids. Also, never ever let the kids use the smartphones or the devices for playing games during the bedtime as it would interfere with their sleep and they would prefer to play the games or watch the videos rather than sleeping on the right time.

The bed should be for Sleeping only

Let it be very clear in the house that bed is for the purpose of sleeping only. Do not let the kids eat on the bed or play on the bed. Kids would love to jump on the bed, which is fine to some extent; however, making the bed a fun place is likely to interfere with sleep. If you let the child jump too much on the bed and he or she is hyper during the bedtime, the next thing they would like to do as soon as you put them to bed is jumped up and down rather than sleeping peacefully. Do not let the food crumbs on the bed of the child because if there are bugs or insects in the house they will crawl to the bed for collecting the food crumbs and thus would affect the sleep of your little one. Keep your bed and the bed of the kids extremely clean. Potty train them on the right age and keep checking the bed in case if it needs to be clean at night since it can disrupt your and their sleep at the night time.…

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